Monday, November 30, 2015

Re christmas

The trappings of Christmas are here, and that isn't good. Today I am going to talk about the deprecatory effects of Greed on Christmas.

First off, large companies, such as the warehouse, are milking Christmas by using deals, and subtly encouraging us to buy gifts, to give them more money. One good example of this is the advent calendars. They are literally giving you chocolate because of Christmas. And this leads to our next point…

That people are ignoring people who get nothing, who are struggling to survive, who would do anything to get taken care of, and we are buying gifts for people who live in relative luxury. We are spending hundreds on toys and gifts, while others are lucky to get one full meal a day. That is all because…

We are forgetting the true meaning of Christmas in the favor of the new one. I mean look at it! we are buying gifts for either us or those who live in a relatively good household, instead of giving gifts and food to those who have none. I think that is one of the main reason for the African children. We are ignoring them.

And so, I have listed the facets of evil in the Christmas season which stem from the reservoir of Greed. And now you may act on my words!

And here is my presentation.
And here is one third of the story of samson!

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