Wednesday, August 19, 2015

FNAF persuasive

I believe that most people should do some research on FNAF (a psychological horror game) because it has great immersion, enemies, and plot.

One of the great things about it is the immersion. You really feel like you are in the office, or in your bedroom, defending yourself. One of the ways it does this is that when you lose, you really feel that something bad has happened, that you have died, or that you were injured. Whether you are Mike Schmidt in the pizzeria, or the crying child in the haunted bedroom, it remains the same immersion.

Another feature is the enemies. You are not battling enemies in a quick-time event, or pressing buttons in a fighter, you are facing a haunted set of machines. You have no way to kill them, you can only keep them at bay. And the interesting thing is, you cannot see them move until it is too late.

The final feature is the mystery of the plot. First, there is the mystery of your character. Why is he here? Why does he keep working when he is clearly risking his life? We may never know. Another mystery is the enemies. Why are they after you? How did they even come back in the first place? It is a very difficult question. And the great thing is, the creator has left clues all over the games. Hidden messages, secret mini-games, and some mysterious ‘glitches’ that uncover the hidden story. Click here for the full story.

To sum it up, Five nights at Freddy's is a game that appears simple, but has a whole lot more under the surface. And that is what makes it so good.

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