Thursday, July 30, 2015

Imagine being a programmer

I sit back in my chair, admiring my work. I had just finished another part of the new game I am working on. So far, it has been fun, with no problems so far. I am thinking of corrupting a copy of the game, to see if I can derive any inspiration from it. It will also be a great chance to get a great laugh. After all, some of the funniest things in games are not even supposed to be there. Then I add a final part, and I feel great pride in my work. Then I remind myself to make a copy of it to corrupt. Then I play the corrupted copy, and      hilarious things happen. Instead of killing the player, the enemies are randomly exploding. Then, I activate the Easter eggs, and the enemies start dancing all over the place. then, I wrote down some notes and began editing the game. then I changed some random things, put up some random facts, and sent the game to Scott Cawthon for approval and editing for our new game, FNAF 5, the story of the unseen locations.
Before Scott released the game, he sent out some cryptic messages, and filled in the textures and source names.

Imagine being a programmer.

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