Wednesday, March 4, 2015

quick write 1

Ruins… Always crumbling… Always changing. But this was not any ordinary ruins, as those mortals believe. It is the birthplace of the all-mother, the great Gaia! She was formed from the sparks of creation flying from Chaos and Night. From chaos and the earth, the sky came forth. And from them, the first of the children of Gaia and Ouranos, the Titans! But the sky was not happy with them, and imprisoned them in the bowels of the earth. So Gaia was furious, and gave her youngest son, Kronos, a scythe, which he used to decimate Ouranos, and flung him into the sea. This created sea foam, which would be used much later. And so Kronos, lord of time, ruled over the inhabitants of earth, and Gaia slept in peace. Later, Kronos made the same mistake that Ouranos made, and imprisoned his children. And they overthrew their predecessors, and ruled the world. Gaia was furious, and had a batch of children with Tartarus, the spirit of the pit. They tried to overthrow the gods, but Zeus called to the heroes of Greece, and destroyed the Giants.

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  1. What a great hook to your writing Isaac. What was your goal?