Wednesday, March 18, 2015


‘Don’t look back dearest!’ cried Orpheus, as he sprinted back to the land of the living. But she would not listen, and gazed back at the realm from whence she came, and got trapped there, for all eternity.

Dismayed at losing his wife again, he screamed and cursed the Gods, and began the journey which would end in armageddon. You see, because Orpheus was born a Greek, and had such musical skill, wherever he played music, he linked Greece to the land where he played.

And he traveled across the globe, linking Greece to every other land, and that would be his downfall. For when you link the mythology of different lands, the immortals of those lands go to war, and disasters break loose.

The power of all those immortals clashing was enough to fuse the different aspects of the earth mother, and wake her. She then went to obliterate the gods, starting with the ones that rely on the earth, such as Demeter and Ceres, and worked her way up.

Eventually, the only ones that remained were the ones before the earth, and the ones that do not need the earth. She then used the power of the trickster to get all but the primordial, and then she got most of them. All that remained was the earth and Chaos, and Chaos is the one thing that cannot be defeated, because to defeat chaos there would be order, and from order comes creation, and from creation, everything reforms.

My goal was to have more body in my paragraphs. The teachers can not decide what they want me to do with the paragraphs. So this is my FINISHED quick-write.

my other goal was to have more exciting language in my writing. I have changed it wherever possible.


  1. Wow Isaac great writing I can paint a great picture in my mind keep it up:-)

  2. The quality of this writing is excellent Isaac. I would be interested in reading more and look forward to you sharing more quick writes on this blog.