Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Diablo, lord of Terror.

Once there was a pearl. It had had a great being within it. It spawned a demon that it fought with, and they both died. The demon became Hell, and the great being became Heaven. They spawned angels and demons, which warred with each other. The pearl became the world stone, a crystal of great power, able to create worlds. The humans were born from renegade angels and demons. (That is how humans are the way we are, half angel, half demon.) After a very long time, a king named leoric comes to a town called tristram, where the prime evil Diablo, Lord of Terror, was imprisoned. He is freed by Lazarus, the kings adviser/corrupter/idiot. (I have to put this in. Diablo 1 is the first game to use the Butcher. After a time of quests, a hero finally defeats Diablo, but at a cost. To contain the evil that is the lord of terror, he drove the soulstone into his own head. And thus he became the dark wanderer, doomed to walk the earth, possessed by the being that was the destruction of tristram.

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  1. Great sophisticated vocabulary you have used Isaac, would be great to see some more complex sentences in your writing.